Apartment Finds: Ottomans

My apartment has definitely come together in a lot of ways over the last few months! I love how homey it feels when I walk in the door. But I’ve also learned that decorating is a constant work in progress, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like it’s finished. I am always thinking of new things I want to do in my space (that also falls within my budget!) The next thing on my apartment list is a new ottoman. Right now I have this old pink cube from college that doubles as extra storage (a necessity in any tiny NYC apartment!). Unfortunately it is starting to fall apart and the pink isn’t exactly as bright or clean as it used to be. In an effort to update my apartment aesthetic (and storage!), I decided to search for a few new options. Here are my favorites so far!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.38.02 PMMerritt Storage Ottoman

Keeping with a navy blue theme, this pattern is a great pair for my brown faux leather couch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.38.31 PM

Newtown Storage Ottoman

I love the shelf beneath this ottoman. I can store all my favorite coffee table books without getting in the way of putting my feet up. It also comes in a cute floral pattern that could work too!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.41.10 PM

Anne Skirted Storage Ottoman

I am clearly a fan of patterns! I can’t get enough of this skirted option.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.46.05 PM

Round Tufted Storage Ottoman

Something a little bit more simple.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.34.30 PM

Water Hyacinth Storage Ottoman

This option could pair nicely with the wicker baskets in my IKEA Shelving Unit!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.43.20 PMJohn Robshaw Garson Square Ottoman

I just thought this one was pretty cute 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.33.33 PM

Classic Collection Vintage Script Fabric Round Storage Ottoman

This one reminded me of a postcard!

For my space, I am clearly looking to incorporate navy! Since my curtains and bedding have touches of navy, I want to make sure my ottoman doesn’t feel out of place. The great thing is that there are plenty of options out there! I don’t think I’ve found a winner yet, but I’m not giving up.

My Favorite Home Decor Sites

Since I am currently in the slow and steady process of designing my studio apartment, I have been on countless websites looking for the best pieces. Although Pinterest is helpful for tips and tricks, when it comes to actually buying new furniture and art I always head to the same  websites. I thought I would round up my favorite home decor sites to give you a better sense of where I go for great pieces. This is by no means a be all and end all list, but instead some helpful suggestions! So here it goes, my favorite home decor sites that are helping me make my apartment into a home.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.35.27 PM

Joss & Main – I absolutely love Joss & Main because every day there are new curated lists of products. Some days nothing jumps out at me, but others it seems like every list was made specifically for me. So far, I have purchased a piece of art for myself and a Christmas gift for my brother. I am still on the hunt for a few more special pieces and have my eye on a few that I cannot wait to splurge on.

Wayfair – I tend to look to Wayfair for furniture. They have great pieces and affordable prices with shipping options that make it SO much easier for me to have a couch delivered right to my apartment door.

One Kings Lane – My favorite website for finding beautiful and unique works of art. I already have a running list of pieces from One Kings Lane to include in my future gallery wall. One Kings Lane is definitely pricier than the other options I’ve listed, but they have classic pieces that are worth the splurge because they will truly last a lifetime.

Lulu & Georgia – This site is filled with stunning decor and furniture, it is very easy to find something you’ll love. I am mildly obsessed with the Elodie rug! It encompasses all my favorite colors and would be a perfect addition to my space.

Serena & Lily – I’ve mentioned it before, but Serena & Lily is a great spot for bedding! I love all of their duvet sets and cannot wait to finally decide on a new option for myself. This site is not only focused on bedding (far from it!) but also includes furniture, rugs, decor, art, and fashion!

I love scouring these sites for the pieces that feel the most like me. I want to create a home that when I walk in, feels like me! What are your favorite home decor websites? I’m all ears 🙂


Where to find affordable art

I’ve mentioned it in previous posts (here & here) that my new apartment does not exactly feel like “home” yet. That being said, I am constantly trying to make it feel more like my space. However, since I am renting, I cannot make any major changes. Adding a few plants and putting up my favorite pictures of friends and family have been easy ways to make my room feel like me without much extra effort. However, I still have many blank walls and as a result have been looking into posters and artwork to help make my room more colorful. Right now my bedroom looks like a white cell; white walls, white floors, white furniture…you get the idea. So I’ve been on the hunt for pieces that feel like me and do not break the bank, because although I love Gray Malin’s photos, I cannot afford them right now (but one day though I will have a few Bondi Beach prints!)


I thought you might be interested in what I have found while scouring the internet for the past few weeks…


Minted.com has a wide range of styles from independent artists. There is truly something for every taste and I already have my eye on a few pieces for my apartment!

Rifle Paper Co.

You may have seen Rifle Paper Co. cards before, but definitely check out their art collection. It is feminine, fun, and colorful. A winning combination in my book!


This website has a HUGE largest selection of posters/prints/etc. Make sure to have an idea of what you are looking for more specifically, otherwise you may spend hours searching through hundreds of works (been there!)

Design Darling

For those of you who do not know Mackenzie Horan, she has a blog titled Design Darling as well as an online boutique. Her online shop is quickly growing and constantly adding new pieces, including beautiful prints and art work.

Evelyn Henson

I have been dying to get my hands on a piece of Evelyn Henson’s artwork since I first started spotting her art on my favorite bloggers Instagram accounts. I love how she views art and life, Evelyn “believes in leading a brightly decorated life, where we celebrate the little things that inspire us to be better and spark fun wherever we go.” (Is that not the best mantra ever?!)

Lulu & Georgia

I came across Lulu & Georgia randomly, and have found myself continually coming back. A great source for wall art to include in an ever growing gallery wall.

Megan Carn

I love Megan’s use of color in all of her pieces! I’ve been eyeing her Frolicking Flamingos Print for a while now and may finally take the plunge and get it!


Inslee creates fashion illustrations for prints/calendars/etc. I’ve been checking back constantly to see if any of her prints look vaguely like me haha! I feel like the 2014 September Calendar girl is pretty darn close :)!

A Thing Created

Similar to Inslee, A Thing Created includes tons of fashion illustrations that would be perfect in any gallery wall!

Ideal bookshelf

I first heard about this site through one of my favorite bloggers York Avenue’s home tour on Apartment Therapy. I love this idea of creating a piece of work that reflects your favorite books! It also could make a great personal gift for friends and family looking to expand their art collection.

Society 6

Society 6 is filled with affordable art, from prints to canvas. They also make your favorite prints into iPhone cases. There is truly a style for everyone, it just takes a little hunting. I have found a couple pieces that I think could work perfectly into a gallery wall.

I cannot wait to start finalizing my choices and taking the plunge into the art world. Art takes time to collect and I know that I want to pick pieces that move me in some way, ones that I will be happy to look at everyday!

A little green goes a long way…

Last week I wrote about my transition from living at home and commuting to my job to becoming a full time New Yorker living on the Upper East side. Although there have been a lot of changes in trying to make my new space feel like “home” one of the best ways has been adding touches of green! My apartment is white, like all white. White walls, white floors, and most of my furniture is white. As a result, when I first moved in I felt suffocated by the sameness/like I was in a mental institution. Not ideal for where I will be living for the next year at least. So I knew that I needed to add some color, and I thought plants would help solve that problem…and it has!


Unfortunately I do not get a ton of natural light in my room so I knew that I would have to add color and decorative pieces to make it feel homey. While I was home for Easter I found quite a few plants that would work perfectly in my space. I stopped at Home Depot and grabbed a couple smaller plants in colorful vases, one larger floor plant, and a tiny panda vase grass plant (because why not!?). This was probably the easiest decorating I have done so far and it has made a huge impact! I already somewhat knew the power of plants because when I first started working I brought plants to keep at my desk too! I have a bamboo plant and a small ivy plant, both of which have grown a ton over the past six months. I always get compliments on my green thumb and I love having pops of color at my desk.

If you are looking to add some plants to your own desk/apartment/dorm room etc., do your research. I knew that for my apartment I needed plants that could survive with less light, while my desk plants needed to thrive in high fluorescent light. You also want to take into account how much maintenance your plants will need. Personally I love having plants that need care. When I had a cactus growing up, I killed it because I constantly over-watered it. Meanwhile my brother’s cactus is still alive to this day because I don’t think he has ever watered it. I want to have something that needs me to thrive, but not so much that it becomes a daily hassle. Doing a little research can save you from buying a plant or flower that will die within the first two weeks!

It is also important to take into account where you plan on putting these plants. I like to have a variety of options and utilize what space I have to my advantage. My three small plants are actually on a little ledge near the floor in the hallway to my bathroom. The larger plant is at home next to my full length mirror. I am also contemplating getting a hanging plant to put on my ceiling (I have relatively low ceilings) but I still have not decided on that. This was an inexpensive way to make my apartment feel more like a home rather than a temporary living space.

To help you add a pop of green to your spaces I found a few options to provide a little inspiration…

best house plants - Snake Plant - yes! I sooo agree! I started with one, now have 6 and have killed everything else1

30 Ways to Make Every Room in Your House Prettier | StyleCaster#_a5y_p=1936247#_a5y_p=1936247

Sneak Peek: Best of Indoor Plants. Now that she has a studio for her accessories line Rennes, Julia Okun used the little extra space in her Boston apartment to finally start a plant room. #sneakpeek

Home Tour: Amber Thrane Of Dulcet Creative | theglitterguide.com


I hope these inspire you to brighten up your own space with a few new plants!