101 in 1001 countdown

Today marks one year until the end date for my 101 in 1001 list! For those of you stopping by All Shook Up for the first time, this is the list I created after reading Mackenzie Horan’s blog Design Darling while I was in college. I was immediately taken with the idea and decided to start my own list, in the hopes that it would be better than a bucket list.

101 things in 1001 days

So far I have checked off a few #s on the list, but I’ll admit I still have a ways to go. I think the craziest part about reviewing my list is thinking back on when I first wrote it. It was the summer after my college graduation when I was still living at home with my parents, unemployed, without a clue where I was headed. Writing this list was so daunting because in the following months I wasn’t sure if I would be working in NYC, finding a way to get back to Sydney, Australia, or taking a completely different path I hadn’t fully formed yet. A lot in my life has changed since that summer, but surprisingly many of my goals still fall within the realm of possibility for completion by next February. Some things listed are definitely easier to accomplish than others , but I think reaching the one year countdown is the perfect reminder to go after them!

Countdown: 24 complete, 77 to go!

Inspired to write your own list?

101 in 1001 Update

I realized the other day that somehow I haven’t done a 101 in 1001 update since April! Slowly but surely I am crossing things off my list. I definitely have a ways to go, but every little bit counts!

18. See 3 concerts

This isn’t complete yet, but I did see Florida Georgia Line in July! I have the entire Anything Goes album on my iPhone and I listen to it on repeat daily. It was a great weekend with friends, and the perfect way to embrace my love of country music this summer. I definitely need to find a few more concerts to go to before this 101 in 1001 deadline is up!


19. Visit 5 museums

Technically I haven’t fully crossed this one off the list, I tend to go to the same museums (The Met is hands down my favorite!). That being said, I did check out The Whitney Museum of American Art with my friend Tara a few weekends ago. It was very cool and filled with tons interesting art, including the above sculpture by Jared Madere! I will definitely have to go back when it is a little warmer to see  more of the outdoor sections on the museum’s balconies.

47. See a broadway show

I already crossed this one off the list, but I saw another broadway show in August, An American in Paris. I probably should update my list to see at least 3 broadway shows! I truly cannot recommend An American in Paris enough, it was INCREDIBLE!


55. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

This is one thing on my list I actually forgot about until after I completed it! The same weekend I went to The Whitney with Tara, we also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. We also spent some time in Brooklyn Bridge Park checking out all the funky sculptures. It was truly the perfect fall day!

70. Become a regular at my favorite coffee place

I typically go to my favorite cafe at least once a weekend (usually two or three), and the baristas definitely recognize me. I have my routine down and although they don’t know exactly what I will order (I tend to change it up based on the specials & the seasons!) I’m pretty sure I have made regular status. I also am without a doubt a regular at my morning breakfast cart by my office. He knows that I go with a banana walnut muffin and an iced coffee most days!

So I know five checked off the list isn’t much, but it is progress! I think next I will focus on #67, by getting tickets to the NYC Ballet! I also started to notice that I cross more things off my list when out of town friends come to visit. They tend to want to see the touristy sights, and so many of my goals on this list is to see them! I need to start planning more excursions and focusing on my other hobbies listed to see if I can tackle most of this list by February 2017!

101 in 1001 Update

So I have been seriously slacking at posting my 101 in 1001 updates here lately. My last update was in December…and it’s already APRIL! Over the past four months so much has changed in my life. I have a different zip code, a new routine, and I am slowly figuring out this whole adulthood thing. As always with these updates, I have not crossed off a TON of things, but hey it’s progress!


Taken while walking through Carl Schurz Park, a few blocks from my apartment!

8. Move into my first apartment (February 2015 – UES)

Arguably the biggest accomplishment I have made in the past few months is moving out of my parent’s house. As of February, I am officially an Upper East Sider. I truly lucked out with an amazing apartment (I have my own private half bath!!!), a great roommate, really inexpensive rent considering it is New York City, and a prime location near everything I could ever need. I am still finding new restaurants to try and routes to work. Now that the weather is finally starting to feel like Spring I am looking forward to simply strolling around the neighborhood with coffee in hand. And although, I am not exactly between Madison & Park, I still try to channel my inner Blair Waldorf whenever I walk down the street.

40. Find a sponsor for my blog (March 2015)

This was a really exciting one to cross off the list! I teamed up with BlueLight via the Her Campus Blogger Network to tell you lovely readers about a safety app that I think everyone should download. Check out the post here to learn more! I love that bloggers have the opportunity to work with companies they feel strongly about and spread the word, it is a really great opportunity for both parties and of course readers!

73. Join a Delta Gamma Alumnae Group (February 2015)

Since I am no longer rushing to and from Penn Station every day I have a lot more time on my hands to get involved. In college I was constantly running to and from meetings, and honestly I loved it. Being busy is when I feel most in control and usually the happiest. I knew that I wanted to join a DG alumnae group in whatever city I ended up in. So far I have attended the Annual Delta Gamma Founders Day Brunch and the monthly Book Club. I am looking forward to getting to know new sisters and adventuring throughout this city.

86. Join a Book Club (March 2015)

As mentioned above, I joined the NYC DG Book Club. It is a great way to combine two things I love, 1) meeting new people and 2) reading great books. I am really looking forward to our next meeting and to find out what our latest read will be!

Four more things crossed off the list! This 101 in 1001 list has been such a great way to dream big but still see my progress over time! I cannot recommend it enough!

101 in 1001 Update

I realized a few days ago that I have not kept to my promise of recapping my 101 in 1001 updates! The last update I did was in October…so clearly I have checked a few more things off the list. So here it goes my victories since October! Although I have only crossed a few things off my list I know that I am getting one step closer each month.

#4 – Take a self defense class – December 2014

I cannot stress how important I think it is to take a self defense course! I participated in two classes while I was in college with my sorority and there are still tips and moves I remember from those afternoons. With the rising numbers of sexual assaults on college campuses, and violence in the “real world” I think every woman should have a basic knowledge of self defense. My mom heard about a class via our town’s local police newsletter and thought it would be a great refresher! Especially working and commuting into a major city, I thought it would be smart to go and maybe learn a few new tips. Unfortunately due to an injury I faced a few months ago I was unable to fully participate. However, even watching the class was helpful! If you have not taken a self defense class before, seriously consider trying it out, hopefully you will never have to use the moves you learn but it can only help!

19 – Visit 5 museums (The Metropolitan Museum of Art & MoMA) – December 2014


The Metropolitan Museum of Art – Cubism Exhibit

Technically I have not fully crossed #19 off the list but I am getting closer. Earlier in the month I was invited to a private showing at The Met because Leonard A. Lauder (Estee Lauder’s eldest son) donated his private Cubism collection to the museum. It was amazing to view his private collection, filled with dozens of works from Braque to Picasso. This exhibit is only available until February 2015 so I suggest you move quickly and check it out, you will definitely thank me!

The group at the MoMA!

The group at the MoMA!

The second museum I crossed off the list was the MoMA. My mom, my godmother and her daughter Virginia and I decided to spend the day in NYC starting with the MoMA. We were especially excited to check out the Matisse exhibit. To be honest I knew next to nothing about Matisse before Saturday, but I was absolutely blown away. His work was so colorful and I had an immediate reaction to each piece. I do not know a ton about art, just what I remember from courses throughout high school and college. However, I base my opinions on art through my immediate visceral reactions, and I loved walking through the Matisse exhibit. One day I want to order a few of his prints (available in the MoMA design store) once I have an apartment to decorate!

#41 – Get on a consistent blogging schedule – November 2014

I felt in November that I was finally getting into a routine with All Shook Up. I have a running list of ideas that I know I want to write about at some point, making it much easier to decide what to post each week. However, I am still working to ensure that I don’t post simply to post, but instead because I truly want to write that day. I think figuring out a consistent blogging schedule is difficult for any blogger and a constant work in progress. That being said, I am definitely learning and growing with this blog which is certainly helping in the consistency element.

#46 – Organize my iTunes – November 2014

Okay, I know that this is not the most exciting thing to cross off my 101 in 1001 list, but it was really important to me. Somehow when I got my macbook a few years ago my iTunes never properly synced. I had hundreds of songs on my iPhone, but only a dozen or so in my music library and I couldn’t seem to remedy this issue (trust me I went to everyone from Geek Squad to my computer wiz friends). Since my iPhone music hadn’t been updated in years I decided to just start from scratch and lose the songs on my iPhone, and start all over again. Although this was a frustrating process, it was for the best. Now, I am more cognizant of backing up my device to ensure that this never happens again!

#96 – Find my signature scent – December 2014


I wrote a post all about this feat, because trust me when I say it was a lengthy process!

Five more things off the list! This 101 in 1001 list has been such a great way to dream big but still see my progress over time! I cannot wait to see what I accomplish next!

101 in 1001 Update

I cannot believe that it is almost October…and more importantly my birthday month! As I promised on #100 of my 101 in 1001 list I will provide updates on my progress. I am recapping both my August and September victories! Although I only crossed a few things off my list, the best part about the 101 in 1001 is the progress. It may be slow and steady, but I am one step closer each month!

#3: Visit a city I have never been before – Cincinnati, Ohio (September)


Rachel & Tom at their sparkler sendoff (This photo was taken by a professional photographer, my cellphone photos did not turn out nearly as good!)

Just a few weeks ago I flew to Cincinnati, Ohio for a very special occasion…my sorority big Rachel got married! She married a fellow Bucknellian, Tom, and their wedding was filled with familiar faces. Rachel looked absolutely stunning walking down the aisle, and I promise you that there was not a dry eye throughout the ceremony. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of Rachel and Tom’s special day and only wish that I could have spent more time in Cincinnati! It was a jam packed weekend, (technically I was only in the city for less than 24 hours…crazy!) but it was so much fun and totally worth the all the travel! Congratulations to Rachel & Tom!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.29.28 PM

All of the Delta Gammas at Rachel & Tom’s wedding!

#8 Find a full time job – (September)

I am now well into my second full week at my new job! I am working in NYC and it has been such a wonderful adventure so far. Finding a job was certainly not an easy process, but I am really glad that I did not give up. My summer was filled with hours of researching job opportunities, filling out applications, and writing cover letter after cover letter. It was a long summer in many ways, but I am glad that I took the time to find the best fit for me and the company! It still hasn’t fully hit me that I am working a 9-5 job everyday from now until…well for a very long time! I have already learned so much and I am excited for all that is to come. Stay tuned for more posts about starting a new job and life after college!

#47 See a Broadway show – Kinky Boots (August)


Before starting my new job I was a lot more flexible, making it very easy to adventure into NYC whenever I wanted. My friend Madison and I made plans for a classic New York night, with dinner and a show, before she left the country with the Peace Corps. I met Madison during my freshman year on The Bucknellian (the weekly newspaper!) and we have stayed friends long after those hours spent designing newspaper layouts. We went to John’s of Time Square pizza, my favorite preshow dinner option. Madison and I love our girl talks, we could seriously talk for hours on end without even realizing a minute has passed. I love that we have become such close friends and are still in constant communication even though she is in an entirely different country/time zone. After dinner we raced to the theatre to see Kinky Boots! It was a lot of fun and full of some very witty and sarcastic lines. One song also summed Madison’s life to a T, (isn’t that always the way, whatever drama that is going on in our lives is somehow always reflected in the TV/movies/shows etc. around us?!). I am so glad that we were able to see one another before she left for Armenia and I cannot wait until she is back in the USA so we can do it again! If you are interested in learning more about the Peace Corps or Madison’s experience, check out her blog This Armenian Life.

#83 Send thinking of you cards to friends, just because (September)

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…I love handwriting notes! I wrote a few cards to my friends that are still at Bucknell, just to say hi. Senior year is a big year for so many reasons and I wanted to offer up a few words of wisdom and my heartfelt thoughts. Although I have technically crossed this one off the list, I will definitely be writing a few more cards to people I care about. Nothing shows you care quite like taking the time to write out how much you miss a friend and are thinking of them in a card.

Four more things off the list! This 101 in 1001 list has been such a great way to dream big but still see my progress over time!

101 in 1001 Update

I cannot believe that it is already August, this summer has truly flown by! As promised on #100 of my 101 in 1001 list I will provide updates on my progress. To be completely honest I have not accomplished as much as I hoped this month. My list fell somewhat to the wayside because I was traveling, applying and interviewing for jobs, and focusing more energy on my blog. That being said, I did cross one thing off my list…finding my perfect shade of red lipstick!

#95: Find my perfect shade of red lipstick

This may not seem like a large feat, but if you have tried finding the right shade of lipstick you will know that it takes quite a bit of trial and error. I love a pop of lip color, whether it is light pink or daring red. Wearing red lipstick is such a classic look (when done properly/with the right shade) that I have been hoping to rock. To help me with my search I went to the one place that never lets me down…Bobbi Brown. I have been in love with Bobbi Brown cosmetics since middle school. My aunt Kathy bought me the “Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty” book as a birthday gift (signed by the author!!) and I would spend hours flipping through Bobbi’s different pieces of beauty advice. This made it easy for me to head to the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter at the mall for both of my high school proms. Her makeup is a staple in my day-to-day looks, and I knew that she would have that perfect shade of red lipstick to add to my collection. And, I was right! I tried several different options but I finally decided on Vintage Red (also the color Kate Upton is wearing in her Bobbi Brown campaigns!) I cannot wait to start wearing this color to different events in the next few months! If you do not already have that red lipstick you can always rely on, consider taking a stroll over to the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counters, they will help you out in an instant!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.05.23 AM

101 in 1001 Update

So it has been one month since I started my 101 in 1001 list! As part of creating this list, #100 is that I do a blog update once a month to show my progress. I love having a list of goals that I can turn to when I need a little inspiration or have an itch to try something new. Even though I have only had this list for a month I am proud of all the accomplishments that I have made so far!

#1: Inspire someone else to start their own 101 in 1001 list

My friends Sara and Allison started their own 101 in 1001 list! Sara and I worked together at Her Campus Bucknell and Sara was lucky enough to interview Mackenzie Horan as part of a Campus Celebrity piece. Since this interview and the creation of my own 101 in 1001 list, Sara decided to take the plunge and make her own list! My friend Allison also created her own 101 in 1001 list. Although she does not have her own blog (yet!) she decided to compile her own 101 in 1001 list after reading mine! I am so happy that my little blog has inspired two people to create their own list! You may not think two is a big deal, but it means the world to me!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 10.00.41 AM

Sara’s own 101 in 1001 list!

#2: Help a friend start their own blog

Shortly after creating All Shook Up my friend Moira reached out to me about blogging. Moira and I met while I studied abroad in Sydney, and I was more than happy to extend my advice about what I have learned so far. Moira has created her own fashion blog that is in its very early stages and I couldn’t be more proud! Since she just finished a semester of university she has not had a ton of time to devote to blogging but I cannot wait to see where she takes it!

#19: Visit 5 museums

Okay so technically I have not completely checked this off, but I have made progress! I visited the Newseum this month so now I have four more museums to see. I think it is just as important to show what I have done to work towards a number on the list as it is officially completing it.


The Newseum in Washington D.C.

#37: Invest in a DSLR camera

If you haven’t noticed that my latest posts are filled with photos than let me just say…I have a new camera! My graduation gift was a beautiful camera that I take out any chance I get! I am completely new to photography and for now I am just having fun wandering around and snapping shots of anything that catches my eye. #44 on the list is to take a photography class and I hope to get on that soon so I have a better understanding of this new hobby!


My beautiful graduation gift!

#45: Organize my computer files

Okay so this is not the most exciting number on the list, but it is a pretty important one. I had not backed up my computer files in…well…a very long time. I finally bought a hard drive to save everything onto and am now consistently backing up all of my work. I have also reorganized my files and made sure that I know where everything is on my laptop. No longer do I have multiple “Random” folders filled with documents that I cannot even remember writing. Again not the most exciting, but I’m glad that I can check it off!

If you ask me, 5 out of 101 is not a bad way to start off my first month into my 101 in 1001 list! I hope to keep up this momentum and continue to cross off my different goals! If you haven’t already created your own 101 in 1001 list I cannot recommend it enough! Try it out and see what happens, it may come to inspire you as much as it inspires me!