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My favorite inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and interesting articles from this week!


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Thoughtful Thursday: Passion & Careers

A few weeks ago, my team went out to lunch with an executive at our company. It was very informal and allowed us to openly discuss our department and the different projects we work on. First thing she asked us? Tell her one thing about ourselves that she doesn’t already know. I told her about my interesting experience interning in the fashion department of a magazine. It was a nice change of pace talking about things outside of our industry. It also created a bond with this executive in a very quick and unexpected way. Like, who knew that this woman was also obsessed with the show Awkward on MTV (aka the show that continually cracked me up throughout high school and college!). It was so refreshing to talk about things other than work, and it was the perfect mental break midway through the work day.

Not going to lie, having lunch together at Barneys was pretty cool!

Not going to lie, having lunch together at Barneys was pretty cool!

I think the most memorable aspect of this lunch was the amount of passion this woman has. She is truly bursting at the seams with drive, She regularly attends countless conferences and lectures outside of work. She takes digital design classes for fun. Annually she speaks in front of hundreds of college students. She brings the most unique ideas to the table and is constantly trying to push the envelope. It is an infectious quality she has, one that makes me want to work even harder towards my goals.

I think we were all pretty starstruck by her energy and enthusiasm, and couldn’t help but ask how she stays so motivated. She said that it lies in the escape of the everyday. We need to get outside the office and outside our industry, to see what else is out there. We spend so much time focused specifically on our company, that we are missing out on all the incredible projects other companies and industries are working on. Volunteer, read a book, attend a conference on a topic completely unrelated to your department but something you’ve always been fascinated by.

She explained that some of her best ideas have come from experiences you never would have guessed could be beneficial. Getting outside of the things we are hyper focused on during our 9-5 is the best way to embrace creativity and find a little more work life balance. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So by not trying new things and reading different articles, you are limiting yourself to an endless stream of sameness.

The thing I admired most about this woman?

She brings ideas to every meeting and 9 times out of 10 she is shot down, but she never let’s that discourage her. She is hands down one of the most driven people I have had the pleasure to meet since joining the working world.

As we were talking, she told us the most memorable piece of advice she has ever received. Years ago her boss at an advertising agency told her, “I may not be famous, but every morning when I look in the mirror I can be proud of the person I see.” That struck such a cord with me. I feel like in this generation, if you aren’t a millionaire or entrepreneurial success by 25 you are considered a failure. Well maybe not a failure, but there is this constant pressure to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Lena Dunham etc. And oftentimes that can be a very discouraging measure of success, making us “millennials” feel like failures in our mid twenties for having not accomplished as much. This piece of advice reminded me that at the end of the day, I want to always be able to look in the mirror and smile at what I have accomplished and what I am working towards. I may not be famous, but I can be proud of who I am and the work I’ve done.

All in all it was a wonderful lunch. It was nice to escape the office for an hour, as I am guilty of eating my lunch at my desk while still responding to emails. This was the perfect reminder of the  importance of actually taking a lunch break. When I got back to my cubicle I felt completely refreshed and focused. It was clearly not just the lunch break, but the people sitting around the table that impacted me. There is just something about sitting with a passionate person. Their energy and drive is overwhelming and provides encouragement in a way that is hard to describe.


Just like podcasts, I will admit I was pretty late to the Goodreads game.  My mom had mention the website a few times in passing whenever she talked about her book club. It never struck me as something I would be interested in. So instead, over the last few years I have kept a running list of Books To Read in my evergrowing Evernote lists. Lets just say this became tricky to track and I have no doubt that some books were listed twice or even three times accidentally. I would also attempt to keep track of books I’d read by highlighting them. This was definitely not a perfect system.

On a whim, I decided to check out what Goodreads was all about, and now I am absolutely hooked. One of my goals for myself this year is to read more. I loved to read in college, and it was pretty much a necessity for an English Literature and Political Science major. Also, turning off my phone and reading before I fall asleep has made a huge difference in how well I sleep.

This app is exactly what I never knew I needed. I love that I can keep track of all the books I want to read, as well as pace how many books I read overtime, all in one place. It is nice to be able to look back on all the books I have read and to provide my own reviews. I also set a reading goal for 2016… read 25 books this year! I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will definitely be a challenge for me. In some ways Goodreads has reinvigorated my love of reading. I like the challenge and the ability to track status on different books. The best part? I can see what my friends are reading and add them to my lists.

Check out what books I’ve read and am currently reading here.

Do you have a Goodreads account? What books are on your list?

Weekend Finds

I know, I know I am late with my Friday Finds post this week. Somehow a short week always ends up crazier and feeling longer than a normal week at my office, and this week was no exception. That being said, the weekend has been a much welcomed breath of fresh air.

So here they are, my favorite inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and interesting articles from this week!


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Grammy’s 2016: Best Dressed

Okay, I’ll admit it… I didn’t watch the 58th Annual Grammy’s Awards Show on Monday night. This past weekend, I spent time in my hometown, enjoying the fireplace and free cable while my parents were away. But by the time I got back to the city Monday afternoon all I wanted to do was prepare for Tuesday, and then crash. And let me tell you, yesterday was surprising in more ways than one, but that’s a post for another day! Anyway, let’s get to the best looks of the night.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s fashion choice for the Grammys certainly did not disappoint. She continued full force with the crop top trend, by pairing a tangerine top with a pink maxi skirt. My favorite part? All the memes from the night!

Selena Gomez

Taylor’s partner-in-crime and date for the night showed up in a sparkly royal blue gown that was a total show stopper. This dress fit her like a glove, and the cut outs added a nice point of intrigue on the dress.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

I loved Kaley’s outfit for the night. I thought this sequined jumpsuit was a fun choice for the red carpet and the cutouts kept her from getting lost in the material. Not just anyone could pull of this look, but Kaley looked absolutely amazing.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie chose a pale blush gown with a beautifully intricate beaded back. I was surprised by her choice since it was more simple than her usual ensembles. Nevertheless she looked beautiful in this glamorous outfit.

Chrissy Teigen

The glowing mother-to-be rocked the red carpet in a white fitted gown and sequined cape overlay. It was definitely a risky choice, but Chrissy (like always!) looked incredible!

What was your favorite look from the night? Did I miss any showstoppers?

Friday Finds

My favorite inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and interesting articles from this week!



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kate spade new york: broome street

I’ll admit, I am a bit of a kate spade addict. I love her handbags and her accessories in particular, and I am constantly looking for new pieces to add to my growing collection. However, kate spade apparel is the one place I haven’t fully delved into because frankly I cannot afford her beautiful clothes. I would love to own a hot pink coat or a sparkly dress, but right now I just cannot justify the cost. That was until I received an email earlier this week!

The daily kate spade emails are one of the only emails I tolerate in my Inbox these days. Ever since discovering Unroll.Me it has been SO much easier to clear out all the clutter that gathers in my various email accounts. It also helps me resist the urge to online shop whenever a sale pops up. I will admit though that sometimes those kate spade surprise sales get me 😉

broomestreet1When I received the email announcement about kate spade broome street, I was immediately smitten! broome street is their new label of casual, timeless, classics that you can effortlessly mix into your wardrobe. In September 2015, kate spade new york President and Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd described the upcoming kate spade broome street line as, “a more casual expression of everything we do, and is an entry into the brand.”

I’m pretty sure by now every young professional has heard the term “wardrobe staples” more times then we can count. It’s one of those terms that becomes synonymous with resumes and interviews in the months following graduation. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that it is worth investing in these pricier but timeless pieces rather than dozens of cheap tops for fraternity party themes. It may be more upfront initially, but it’s apparel you will keep on rotation within your closet for years to come! broome street perfectly encompasses this concept of wardrobe investment pieces.

As I scrolled through the broome street collection I could immediately picture each piece in my own closet. It includes truly classic and functional pieces. And although they are more expensive then your average dresses or jackets, I know that they are worth the splurge!

Here are just a few of my favorites from this new collection:



 What’s your favorite?!