Hi, I’m Allison!


I am…

A recent college graduate working in the digital marketing space of the beauty industry, attempting to make sense of the crazy encounters that make up my life. You will most likely spot me running all over my hometown or NYC with a coffee or soy chai latte in hand. My latest obsessions are Netflix, Rachel Platten, French Bulldog puppies, warm flannel pajamas, and adding to my ever growing coffee mug collection. I read magazines religiously and I always prefer to call someone rather than text them. I dabble in writing, social media and public relations. Oh, and I’m always ready for a new challenge!

Words to describe meFriendly. Honest. Outgoing Introvert. Type A. Down-to-Earth. Curious. Driven. Sarcastic. Media Junkie. Scorpio. Cupcake Eater.

Favorites: Writing. Reading. People. Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup. Pedicures. Thunderstorms. Travel. Gilmore Girls. Morning Coffee. Sydney, Australia. Lipton Iced Green Tea. Cupcakes. Sunflowers.

Professional Experience: Estée Lauder, USA Today College, Marie Claire, Intern Queen, Her Campus.

I promise to fill this blog with my thoughts, advice, inspirations, and the constant awkward moments that make up my life.

Feel free to contact me anytime!

All views expressed on allisonshook.com are my own.

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